ZenTask Documentation

The user interface has been design to be simple and very easy to use. If you want speed all functions in ZenTask can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts.

1. To start you should create some lists (or projects). This will allow you to categorize or break down tasks.

You can add lists from the Lists Menu. You can also edit and delete Lists from the same menu. The list currently selected will be the one edited or deleted.

2. To move between lists you can use the arrows or ⌘ + Arrow keys using the keyboard. To jump directly to a list use ⌘L. You can also access “All Tasks” using ⌘A and tasks due “Today” with ⌘T.

By default ZenTask comes with lists for All Tasks, Today, Completed and Inbox. You can quickly move tasks to different lists using ⌘M.

3. To add a new task you can use ⌘N (File – New) and enter all the information on the dialog. You can also enter tasks quickly by using the text box at the top of the window. Tasks entered this way are added to the selected list with a due date of Today.

There are two ways for editing tasks. Selecting a task and pressing Return on the keyboard will show the task on the same window. Double clicking on a task will open the task on a new window.

4. The main window of the program can by scroll up / down in order to save screen space using ⌘U (or the Windows menu). When the windows is in the scroll up position it will show the selected category next to the name. You can switch lists using ⌘ + Arrow keys.

If you are using a different program and need to write down a new task you can pull-up the program using the system wide Hot-Key Option + ⌘ + Right arrow key
To Delete a Task select it and press Delete. Deleted tasks are completely remove from the program.

5. To Complete a Task select the check box on the left side or press ⌘K. Completed Tasks are moved to the Completed List. When you select the Completed List Tasks show the Completion Date.

To un-Complete a Task un-check the Completed check-box on the left side.

You can clear the Completed List from the File Menu. You can also archive Completed Tasks to a text file (comma delimited) for reference at a later date. After archiving the Completed List ZenTask will ask you if you wish to empty the list.

You can select the sort method from the File Menu -> Sort By, alphabetically, by due date or by importance. By default Today is sorted by importance and Completed by Completion date.

6. Tasks can be printed from the File menu – Print or ⌘P. By default what is shows on the window is what will be printed. If you desire to print all tasks (separated by Lists) select the “All Tasks” list and print. Changing the sort will also change the sorting on the print out.

If you require any assistant or have any suggestions you can contact us by visiting www.zentaskapp.com